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Baccalaureate Sunday


Celebrating the accomplishments of our

Bethel Baptist Church Family.


Arabelle Pierre_edited.jpg

Arabelle Pierre

Arabelle Pierre will be graduating from Demarest Elementary School this June and heading into middle school.  She has done very well this school year, earning all A's and B's. Arabelle earned artist of the month in March. Her teachers stated she is a joy to have in class and she is the "go to" person for student participation  as she always knows the answers. They said she is one of the most respectful students they have had the pleasure of teaching and is always willing to be helpful to her classmates. Arabelle has developed new interests in sports, arts, and cooking in addition to still enjoying reading, science and learning about animals. She wants to begin studying astronomy and rocket science. She loves watching movies and performing science-based experiments. Arabelle's favorite scripture is Daniel 6: 16-23. She says this scripture shows how powerful God is  and  protects all of us by His will. May God bless and keep her as she starts her new journey in middle school next year!

Aimee Pierre_edited.jpg

Aimee Pierre

Aimee Pierre is full of energy and eager to learn. She is super inquisitive and a  very logical thinker. Aimee  is very  enthusiastic and always willing to help. Although  she doesn't attend school yet,  she is a beginning reader who has been increasing her joy of books over the past few months. She loves to share information with others as she learns new things. She enjoys playing with her dolls, helping with the pet cats, going to parks, singing and dancing, and doing her puzzles. Aimee's favorite song is God Turned It Around and she spontaneously and sweetly sings it during  the day. She loves to make others smile.

Kylie Gregory_edited.jpg

Kylie Gregory

Kylie Gregory attends Link Community Charter School and will be graduating from kindergarten. She has accomplished many things this school year including earning 139 points and 7 rewards for following the school core values. The core values are honesty, respect, caring, responsibility, doing one’s best, and following directions. Kylie has begun reading and is showing great advances with her vocabulary skills. She is now preparing for her kindergarten graduation, summer vacation, and some birthday fun. 


Her interests are science, plants, animals/ insects, video games, sports, singing, and fashion. She enjoys playing at the park and outside activities. Kylie often expresses how family is important and how we all should pray for each other. She takes it upon herself to initiate prayers and gives thanks to God. She loves to say " sharing is caring" and is willing to share anything she has. A school administrator refers to her as " a big bowl of sugar" because is one of the sweetest kids she has met. May God bless her on her new journey into first grade!

Adrian Pierre_edited.jpg

Adrian Pierre

Adrian Pierre will be completing his junior year and becoming a senior at Delbarton School. He has explored new ventures into writing, arts, and sports. He had two pieces of his art and one literary writing chosen to be published in Delbartons Delta Magazine this year. He had the honor of being selected out of many others, from various schools, to speak at a large scholarship fundraiser based on an essay he wrote. Adrian has been increasing his personal best record and has earned two gold and one silver medal throwing shot put on the track team. He has been participating in D.A.P. (Diversity Amongst Peers) at his school to help educate students about cultural ignorance and the effects it has on others. This club also has regular inclusive activities and meetings to allow all students to experience different lifestyles. Adrian has begun his college searches and is excited about getting his license soon. His favorite scripture is Luke 12:2 , "for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed ; neither hid that shall not be known.

Gabrielle Lee_edited.jpg

Gabrielle Lee

Gabrielle Lee is the daughter of Rev. Nyia Lee and attends East Orange STEM Academy. Gabrielle has worked tirelessly to maintain straight A's the entire school year, ending her third quarter with an overall 4.0 GPA. Gabby was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society in the spring. She also is a part of the debate team in which she and her partner presented their research on how the Misrepresentation of African-Americans in the Arts, Entertainment, and Sports Industry has negatively impacted the community and presented their solutions for transformative change in the 21st century. She also volunteers her time with her mother's catering business and Reaching Out Montclair organization in which she helped deliver Christmas trees to less fortunate families. Gabby wants to be a business owner, lawyer, or actress in the future.

Zaire Wynn_edited.jpg

Zaire Wynn

Zaire Wynn is in the 10th grade in his first year in Woodbridge High School. 1st marking period he earned a B+ in Algebra 2, a B- in Engineering Technology, an A- in Biology Lab, and an A in English 2 Honors. For the 2nd marking period he earned a B+ in Algebra 2, a B- in Engineering Technology, a B+ in Biology Lab, and a B+ in English 2 Honors. During the 3rd marking period he earned a A+ in Phys Ed and an A- in health, an A- in Spanish 2, a B+ in Robotics, and a B in US History. So far for the 4th marking period he has an A in Robotics, a B in US History, a B in Spanish and an A+ in Phys Ed. Zaire will be moving up to the 11th grade this September and is currently applying for summer jobs as he recently turned 16 years old.

Sanai Wynn_edited_edited.jpg

Sanai Wynn


This is Sanai’s First year in Woodbridge Middle School and she is in the 6th grade. The first marking period she earned 3 As, 1 B+ and a C in math which is the subject she struggles the most in. During the 2nd marking period she earned 3 As and a B in math. During the 3rd marking period she earned 4 As and a B in math. So far for the 4th marking period she is averaging 3 A’s one of which is in math and a B.  Sanai has always struggled to keep her grades up especially in math, however, this school year in a new school district, she is exceeding expectations. Proud is an understatement. Definitely Looking forward to her 7th grade year.

Jordan Lee_edited.jpg

Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee is the son of Rev. Nyia Lee and has just finished his sophomore year at Seton Hall University with a 3.0 GPA, all while maintaining several scholarships. He also served as the Social Justice Chair in which he brought several global issues to the forefront during student discussion panels as a part of the Martin Luther King Scholarship Association. He worked two part-time jobs. One as a paid intern at a Marriage & Family Therapist office in Maplewood and as an awesome dog-walker. Jordan also volunteered his time with the Reaching out Montclair organization in which he helped give away backpacks to children of the community for school and helped hand out Christmas trees to families who are less fortunate. He is transferring to Montclair State University in the fall where he will complete his bachelor's degree in psychology. He wishes to pursue a career in sports psychology.

brian mantle.jpg

Brian Mantle

Brian Mantle is the son of Deacons Jennifer & Leon Mantle. This year he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Science of Nursing from Helene Fold College of Nursing which is located in Harlem, New York. Brian is an extremely talented musician, photographer, and videographer, amongst a host of other talents. We are extremely proud of Brian's accomplishments and look forward to seeing him flourish in his field of service to others.


Rev. Nyia Lee

Rev. Nyia Lee graduated on May 13th with her Master of Arts degree in Justice Administration and Public Service from Saint Elizabeth University with a 3.67 GPA; all while being an officer at Orange Police Department, serving God's people at Bethel Baptist Church, running her catering business, and becoming pregnant with her first biological miracle baby with her husband Timothy during her final semester. She plans on shifting into becoming a criminal intelligence analyst and going back to school to obtain her Doctoral degree in Ministry. She is proud of her son Jordan and daughter Gabrielle for their accomplishments and loves them dearly and looks forward to continued service to God's people.

Chad Smith Jr._edited.jpg

Chad Smith Jr.

Chad Smith Jr. is the son of Chad Sr. & Yvonne Smith, and Great-Grandson of Dea. Betty Hollins. Chad is graduating from second grade. Starting September he will be in the third grade. Chad is an extremely talented student athlete and loves to play baseball and soccer. Chad is also great with technology and loves to learn about and work with computers. We are extremely proud of Chad’s reading above grade level and look forward to what 3rd grade has in store for him.

Ava Thompson_edited.jpg

Ava Thompson

Ava Thompson is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Thompson, Sr. Ava is 6 years old and started first grade at Lincoln Avenue School in Orange, NJ with a bang. Ava read over 100 books this academic year in school and maintained High Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance the entire school year. Ava has a heart to connect with people as she loves to blog and express her talents through singing, dancing, and cheering. She has excelled in her Ballet and Jazz dance at Soul Xxpressions of Orange and Cheerleading at West Essex Cheer Academy. Ava’s cheer team won 2 National Spirit Cheer awards this year and she is eager to win more. Ava is excited about the new possibilities that 2nd grade will present and we look forward to her continued growth.

Aaron Thompson Jr_edited.jpg

Aaron Thompson Jr.

Aaron Thompson Jr. affectionately known as “Deuce” is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Thompson, Sr. Aaron is 4 years old and currently attends pre-school at Norjenne’s in Orange, NJ. Throughout his first academic school year, Deuce learned to recognize and write all the letters of the Alphabet and Numbers up to 20. Aaron also mastered the ability to write his entire name without any help and maintained Perfect Attendance throughout the year. Deuce also thrived in Jazz and Hip Hop Dance expression at Soul Xxpressions of Orange; His competition Duo team won a total of 3 first place trophies at nationals. Aaron also continues to excel in his love for music where he is learning Piano and Drums under his father’s instruction. Aaron is looking forward to beginning Pre-K 2 next year and we anticipate his continued success.

Dianne Dines_edited.jpg

Dianne Dines

Dianne Angenita Dines is the daughter of Eric & Belinda Dines and sister of Erica Dines. Dianne is funny and loving but outspoken. She will graduate 8th grade from Philip's Academy Charter School - Newark Campus on June 16, 2022. In September Dianne will attend Union Catholic Regional High School in Scotch Plains, NJ and was awarded the Class of 2026 Our Lady of Grace Scholarship. Dianne will participate in the hurdles on the Union Catholic track team.
This school year Dianne accomplished: Honor Roll for academic excellence in quarters 1, 2 & 3  Quarter 4 (still in progress), Most Improved Award - Math, Computer Science Keyboarding Award. Dianne aspires to study law at a Historically Black College and University after high school.

Erica Dines_edited.jpg

Erica Dines

Erica Tierra Dines is the daughter of Eric & Belinda Dines and sister of Dianne Dines. Erica is talented and loving but modest. Erica attends Union Catholic Regional High School in Scotch Plains, NJ and will be a senior in the fall. This school year Erica received a US History II Award, a Criminology Award and she has made the Honor Roll for academic excellence in marking periods 1, 2, 3 & 4. Erica’s current GPA is 3.46/4.0 Erica is also a varsity track team member. She runs the 400 meters, 800 meters and 4 x 4 Relay. They have won the County and State competitions for the past 5 years. Erica also performs liturgical dance when available. After high school Erica aspires to study physical therapy and run track in college.

Gina Studivant_edited.jpg

Gina-Faith Sturdivant

Gina-Faith Sturdivant has completed the 4th year of her 5 year instructional program at Drexel University in Philadelphia PA. Gina-Faith's goal is to serve our community therefore, she is majoring in Psychology and Mental Health Wellness. She is currently working in a full-time internship project on Drexel's Campus where she monitors and reports COVID-19 clients' exposure and treatment of the virus. Gina’s prior internship project as Housing Supervisor was challenging yet rewarding as she assisted former prison inmates secure independent housing. Gina-Faith looks forward to graduating next year and getting a good job (and a car). She asks for your continued prayers.

Arianna Thompson.jpg

Arianna D. Thompson

Arianna D. Thompson is the daughter of Sheila Dixon & Pernell Thompson. She has completed her 2nd year at Villanova University (PA) with a 3.4 GPA/ She is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Management Information Systems. She has recently secured an internship with KPMG Global in Short Hills, NJ

Pia Frazier.jpg

Deacon Pia Frazier

Deacon Pia Frazier finished off her year at Rutgers University with a 3.5 GPA. She is majoring in History and expected to graduate with the class of 2023

Quatrell Wilson.jpeg

Quatrell Wilson

Quatrell Wilson attends East Side High School and will be Senior this coming fall. Currently for the 4th marking period, he has a 3.5 GPA. Quatrell is a star on his basketball team and he currently has 2 D1 offers from NJIT & Stonybrook University. 

Savanna Rodriguez_edited.jpg

Savannah Rodriguez

Savannah Rodriguez is in the 10th grade and is completing her first year at Rahway High School. This marking period she has an A+ in Spanish II, an A+ in Art II, an A+ in U.S History I, and B+’s in Geometry, Biology and English II. With these grades, she will make the honor roll for the third time this school year. 


Minister Alexander Lamothe

Minister Alexander Lamothe is entering into his senior year at William Paterson University. He is majoring in English Secondary Education and minoring in Creative Writing. He finished this semester with a 3.86 GPA and became a member of The National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS) 

Tyrah Black_edited.jpg

Tyrah Black

Tyrah Black is the daughter of Minister Tymel & Deacon Latisha Black. Tyrah successfully completed kindergarten where she excelled in mathematics and is extremely excited to start first grade!

Tymoni Black_edited.jpg

Tymoni Black

Tymoni Black is the daughter of Minister Tymel and Deacon Latisha Black. Tymoni is putting her career at Shake Shack on pause to pursue her education and will be starting Pre-K3.

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